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Continuing the practice of offering special distribution Sale Pandora My Best Friend Charm wholesale price in Pandora North America, the Winter 2013 Collection boasted another 3 beads that were only available at certain retailers.  This has been incredibly confusing to some people since now not all Pandora charms are available at their Concept stores, instead a couple designs are reserved for shop-in-shop (multi-brand jewelers) and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry stores.  Starting with the Mother's Day 2013 collection - the Red Sweethearts Murano, Pink Ribbon of Hope, and Celebration Bouquet, and the Fall 2013 collection including Edelweiss, Oopsie Daisy, and Family Tree.  This season, the charms are Pinecone, Snow Angel, and Three Kings.

The expressions on these tiny faces are rather ghoulish and reminds me of the Nazgûl from Lord of the Rings, but the detail is apparent on this charm from the tops of their crowns to the tips of their feet. A rather religious icon, especially with the gold cross emblazened on the back of the Cheapest Pandora All that Jazz Charm Discount, nonetheless, it is a must have for any Christmas theme bracelet!  The Three Wise Men can be purchased in most other countries, like at Joshua James Jewellery in the UK.

Starting with Mother's Day 2013, 100% Genuine Pandora Sparkling Pearl Pendant Charm Supplier North America started a special distribution model for certain charms - so that each retailer type got a charm that was only available to that store.  For the Pandora Autumn 2013, these included the Family Tree, Oopsie Daisy, and Edelweiss, for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Concept Stores, and shop-in-shops, respectively.  To cut down on the confusion, Pandora has taken off the Jared's charms from the US & Canada website and catalog as it's not widely available.

I love the flower & nature themes of these charms and had to get them with the September bracelet promo.  It was a bit of a hassle to run around all these different stores just to buy them, but I really like the designs.  The colors are perfect for fall so I've got Oopsie Daisy and Edelweiss on my autumn bracelet and the Family Tree on my forest bracelet with a number of the other types of Pandora Forever Pandora Charm Sale Autumn 2013 Collection.

 This mini-release resembles the one offered last summer, called the National Icon or Destination kinds of Pandora Dazzling Daughter Charm Cheap, which also included 6 famous landmarks. While this set was supposed to be offered separately as well this year, Pandora released them in its entirety with the Summer 2013 Collection in North America and most other markets too. This is not the case for the UK and they've held back until today to offer the Travel Charms which includes gondola, scooter, hot air balloon, passport, St. Basil's Cathedral, and the Sydney Opera House.